High stake events happen in all industries. The person or team who wins is the one who can make the right decision at the right moment. Studies show that our ability to concentrate, have self control, assess a situation, and creatively problem solve for good decision making is determined in large part by the physical resources our brain.

With her deep understanding of how the brain and body work to stabilize the mind, Dr. Kristen Allott helps organizations stay competitive by optimizing brains for continuous energy and mental clarity. For more than a decade, she’s been a physician and national speaker on this topic, and has created effective trainings to improve productivity, decision making, creative problem solving and health. Through achievable micro changes in food, sleep an movement, she provides individuals and teams with a winning strategy. 

When the brain is not optimized the physiology of the body changes decisions, decreases creativity, and increases emotional reactivity. In high stake professions, these losses add up to increased absenteeism, lack of productivity, and minor acts of incivility which in turn increases employee turnover and degrades community, culture and the bottom line. 

If you would like to invite Dr. Allott to present at your company or conference:


Inspiring keynotes and workshops for executives, organizational retreats, and conferences

Companies and Organization she has consulted for: 

University of Washington Court Improvement Training Academy: "Optimizing the Brain to Prevent Burnout" and "Optimizing the Brain for High Stake Events" 

Juvenile Law Committee & Juvenile Court Administrators: "Food: When and What to Improve Cognitive Functioning" 

Peterson Russel and Kelly Law Firm: "Food, Sleep, and Exercise for the Competitive Edge"

Vistage: "Optimizing Brains for Better Decision Making and Preventing Burnout for Executives"

Other workshops for private companies: 

  • "Optimizing Brains with Frequent Business Travel" 
  • "Optimizing Brains During Extreme Conditions and Work Hours" 

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Dr. Allott is at the top of my list

I have personally worked with hundreds of speakers across the country and Kristen is at the top of the list when it comes to performance, professionalism, knowledge and charm and this is reflected in stellar audience reviews. Kristen connects with learners instantly and is able to cut through the expanse of information to provide the specific content that can change peoples’ lives.

Michael Olson, M.S.,MBA, Vice President of Sales and Marketing PESI, Inc

Dr. Allott gives a competitive advantage

"Dr. Kristen Allott has spoken to 5 of my Vistage groups here in the Puget Sound area. I have also recommended Dr. Allott to several of my Vistage Chair colleagues both here in Seattle and nationally. The long term benefits to the companies, CEOs and executive leaders is that to be productive today and in the future, it requires attending to how they eat, sleep and exercise. The practical tools that Dr. Allott provides gives a competitive advantage in decision making, creative problem solving and health."

Mike Huse, Vistage Chair and awarded  the Vistage Chair of Excellence

She understands the Art of Decision Making

"When presenting to judges, you have to have the science on point and understand the art of judicial decision making. Dr. Allott does both! She provides judicial officers with clear and concise evidence of how decision-making is influenced by how and when we eat, our regularity of sleep and if we exercise. In the complexity of a full docket, the achievable tools that Dr. Allott offers inspire judges to understand that part of their job is maintaining their health for optimal decision making. One senior Judge commented at the end of a training that he wished he'd known when he started as a judge that taking care of himself was part of the job."

— Kelly Warner-King, Co-Director at UW Court Improvement Training Academy